We are a Cambridge-based boutique consultancy who design, develop and deliver IMPACT work in collaboration with the UK’s top academics and researchers. At CAMBRIDGE IMPACT we help you explore how your research can contribute to the growth of those beyond academia – individuals, groups, communities, governments and more. We help you imagine your IMPACT projects, develop them, and deliver them.  And who knows, the IMPACT your research achieves may even inform the future direction of your own research. IMPACT is who we are, and IMPACT is what we do. IMPACT is what your research has when you work with us at CAMBRIDGE IMPACT.


We design, develop and deliver bespoke creative IMPACT projects for Humanities, Science, Engineering and Arts research

IMPACT Design for Funding

Maybe you're still at that exciting earliest stage of exploring a fresh piece of research and not yet knowing where it will take you. If that's the case, fantastic! We can work with you in building an IMPACT budget as an integral part of your funding bids.

IMPACT Development

Perhaps your research is already well under way. In that case we'd love to get to know your work and explore its potential for a variety of creative, far-reaching IMPACT projects. Then we'll work with you to develop the ones you decide will be most effective..

IMPACT Delivery

Or you might already be engaging with IMPACT work but looking for a fresh perspective and a collaborator in its delivery. We're here to inject originality and creativity into your existing IMPACT projects and then to collaborate in their delivery.


Who We Are

CAMBRIDGE IMPACT is a bespoke consultancy engaging with research institutions in the design, development and delivery of IMPACT projects, sandpits, workshops, and much more. Established by award-winning Arts practitioners, writer Sue Bevan and artist-engineer Diana Scarborough, CAMBRIDGE IMPACT brings a wealth of experience of working alongside world-leading academics in translating their research into effective, exciting IMPACT projects.
At CAMBRIDGE IMPACT we have a whole array of creative professionals who are excited to be part of our IMPACT Delivery team on a project basis – film-makers, dancers, musicians, actors, designers, educational innovators…and many more. Whatever expertise we may need, we have a rich pool of talent just waiting for our call.
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You as the researcher and your terrific research are at the heart of our collaboration, and we want to become the cornerstone of the Impact project we construct together. We’re excited to get to know and really understand your work so we’re able to build a genuine, enduring partnership with you. Working with new people passionate about what they do and how it might make a difference in the world is what gets us up in the morning. Here at CI we believe work should be enjoyed, and we’re lucky enough to find ours fascinating. We’re curious about the potential we’ll uncover working with you and your findings, and we’re playful in opening up that potential, always with the  professionalism you expect and deserve.  

So make no mistake, we might love what we do – but we mean business!

'It was a real pleasure working with Sue. She put together an excellent workshop, designed exactly for our needs and using the facilities we had available. I very much look forward to future collaborations.'

Caambridge Impact - Tina Miller
Professor Tina Miller
Professor of Sociology, Oxford Brookes University

'We are delighted about Diana’s exciting collaboration for a
prestigious presentation at the Blue Dot Festival!'

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 20.32.58
Beatrix Schlarb-Ridley
Director of Innovation & Impact, British Antarctic Survey

'Diana is an incredible adventurer in the meeting place between art and science, activism and critical thought. I
am constantly amazed at what she does, and so delighted to be one of her collaborators.'

Screen Shot 2021-01-19 at 20.37.29
Professor Kim Cunio
Associate Professor, Australian National University

'Sue is an extraordinary actor and playwright.  I would love to work with her again!'

Leif Persson
Director, Riksteatern, Sweden

Who we are

Sue Bevan (she/her)

With a B.Sc in Economics & Politics and an MA in Contemporary Theatre Practice, Sue came to co-founding CAMBRIDGE IMPACT with Diana after a long career teaching and lecturing across these fields. She is an award-winning writer and performer, as well a keen photographer and dedicated foodie – a passion she shares with Diana. Working with her co-founder is a thrilling collaboration, and always an adventure. Sue can never be quite sure what zany creative endeavour they’ll be into next, but it’s great fun finding out! 



Diana Scarborough (she/her)

An Artist and Chartered Engineer, Diana has a B.Sc in Electronics Engineering, BA in Fine Art and an MA in Printmaking. Her portfolio career is extensive, combining engineering, teaching and a professional artist practice that spans three continents. Diana is the other half of CAMBRIDGE IMPACT and sees Sue as an ideal co-founder. Her complementary skills and experiences, fearlessness and humour – especially when faced with tight deadlines, a long walk or Diana’s chocolate shortage – is legendary! 





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